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Watercolor with Me: Romantic Eiffel Tower

——   Created by Jessica Sanders

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1h 03m
Lesson time
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More about this course

Let's paint a romantic Eiffel Tower scene! <3

In this intermediate level class, we will paint a beautiful, romantic Eiffel tower scene, with a cotton candy sky, in a loose and sketchy style.  

After chatting about supplies, and a bit of practice sketching, I will walk you through sketching and painting the Eiffel Tower! We will keep it loose, sketchy, and free - impressionistic.  We will enhance our watercolor skills while focusing on enjoying our exploration of watercolor!

I recommend this class for intermediate students. This class will not cover basic watercolor techniques, or basic sketching techniques. However, if you are a beginner, please don't hesitate to try the class! You need some previous knowledge of watercolor and sketching, but I make the lessons as easy to follow as possible. We often don't know how far we can go until we try!

Class Breakdown

  • Main Lessons - approximately 20 minutes
  • Supplies
  • Practice Sketches
  • 3 Lessons to complete the Eiffel Tower scene
  • Extended Learning - approximately 40 minutes
  • Painting Eiffel with no sketch
  • First Attempt at painting Eiffel
  • Evaluating my first attempt
  • Semi-realistic sketch
  • Semi-realistic painting
  • Real-time sketching practice

The course project

For your project, please share practice sketching and/or your beautiful Eiffel Tower painting!  

I can hardly wait to see what you do!!

If you enjoyed this class, please leave a review. Not only does this help me create better classes for you, but it also helps other students know if they will like the class! <3

Happy Painting,


13 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
1 min
free preview
5 mins
Practice Sketch
free preview
5 mins
Eiffel Part 1
5 mins
Eiffel Part 2
5 mins
Eiffel Part 3
1 min
Thank You & Project
4 mins
Eiffel With No Sketch
6 mins
First Attempt
6 mins
Evaluating First Attempt
6 mins
Semi Realistic Sketch Part 1
5 mins
Semi Realistic Part 2
19 mins
Real time Sketching Practice

About the instructor

Jessica Sanders
Jessica Sanders
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I'm Jessica, an artist, online teacher, and content creator, living in Houston, Texas. My passion is exploring art, creativity, and art supplies! It makes me …

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