Website Accessibility

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Web Accessibility

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This web accessibility course is inspired by my quest to understand dyslexia, why they struggle to read mostly because the text seems wavy, dancing, shaking, just to mention a few hence, their struggle to comprehend or stay focused in class and also, the ability of a dyslexic to see in 3D. This is something interesting to know about.

In my quest to understand dyslexia and its effect, I came across lots of interesting things like discovering a lot of tools, practices, and services that can make infusing web accessibility in your digital services as easy as making a pie.

This course would show learners some tools and services to help learners in infusing accessibility in their web services to avoid being sued. This course would teach us some factors to consider when trying to infuse accessibility in our web services not only but in our daily endeavors.

Accessibility is a must and not a privilege hence, there are international guidelines created to help web developers and the likes to ensure that their web services are accessible by a wider audience to encourage digital inclusion.

The course would also show learners how to unleash and use the default accessibility feature in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

18 Lessons

2 mins
What is Website Accessibility
5 mins
Explanation Web Accessibility
Factors to consider when infusing accessibility
2 mins
Factors Introduction
3 mins
7 mins
free preview
2 mins
Motor Function
4 mins
4 mins
Cognitive Function
4 mins
Digital Access
Web Accessibility Services
1 min
Tools And Services-Introduction
3 mins
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