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Website QA for Designers

——   Created by Kalob Taulien

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Welcome to Website QA for Designers

As a web designer, you want to make pixel-perfect websites. But when it comes to someone else coding that website (aka. a web developer) they often won't care as much as you do. 


It's your job to make sure the web developer codes a website that looks exactly like your design, otherwise what was the point of designing the website in the first place?


In this course, I'm going to show you a few tips and tricks to working with a web developer including the best way to make live website adjustments and sharing the changes you've introduced with your developer in a way that's quick and friendly, but also helps the developer. 

There are two reasons you'll want to learn how to work better with a web developer:

  1. Web developers are notoriously known for being black and white thinkers. Saying things like, "add more spacing to the top" is too vague. Web developers don't know how much spacing to add.
  2. It'll strengthen your relationship with your web developer peers and make you look like a web designing superhero. (Seriously, the designers I've worked with that do these tricks I present in this course are HEROES to their peers and employers)

Who am I, and why did I make this course?

I'm Kalob Taulien, a fullstack web developer. That means I write frontend code (ie. working with designers) and backend code (ie. working with system architecture). I've worked at 2 globally recognized web agencies and have worked with dozens of designers. 

The best projects (websites) with the nicest designs and more successful teams have had this one thing in common: the designer and developer can work well together to make a pixel-perfect website. 

I strongly believe it's a waste of effort to involve a designer if the website isn't pixel-perfect. Designers put a lot of time, effort, and consideration into their decisions. I personally love seeing beautiful designs come to life. 

What's in this course?

In this course you'll take a website I coded, and make live-adjustments to it to make it look and feel better – as if you were working directly with me. The website you'll be QAing is

The course project

Your project involves ripping apart a website that I created (as a professional web developer), making the changes you think would improve the design, and then sharing a screenshot of your final webpage with the class. 

Remember: don't refresh your page otherwise you'll lose all your work from the developer tools.

5 Lessons

4 mins
Getting started with a real life example
free preview
3 mins
How to adjust spacing between components
free preview
4 mins
How to adjust overlapping components
1 min
Your final project
4 mins


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