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What's New in Affinity Designer 1.7 to 1.9 PEN TOOL

——   Created by Isabel Aracama

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In this class you will learn about the new features and improvements for the Pen Tool in Affinity Designer from version 1.7 and prevalent in 1.9

This is an add-on class to the previous "Learn to Use the en Tool in Affinity Designer" where you will learn how the new pen and node tool features will make it even easier than it was drawing anything.

The ideal student should have some familiarity with the Pen Tool in Affinity Designer. Taking first the previous class on the pen tool is recommended, although not necessary if you already know how to use it.

It will be covering new icons, user interface visual cues, new features and an exercise to put the lessons in practice.

Do not hesitate asking me about any doubt or comment on this class in the community section.

The course project

In the final exercise you will be creating a perfect circle only with the help of the pen and node tools. No snapping or any other tool will be used to complete it. This way you will learn how much easier it is now to create accurate and perfect shapes with the help of some of the visual cues Affinity Designer 1.7 comes with. 

There is a template file in the resources for this class, that you can download, where rulers and guides are already set in the canvas. There's also a layer with a perfect circle already traced, so you can check your accuracy once you're done.

The whole idea is to get it done by using the pen tool and the help of handles. You'll be surprised how much easier it is now by simply following the steps you'll see in the project lesson.

9 Lessons

1 min
free preview
8 mins
Pen tool icons from 1.7
free preview
6 mins
Node tool icons from 1.7
5 mins
Pen tool: 3 new modes
9 mins
The node transform menu
6 mins
New snapping options
4 mins
Point transform tool
9 mins
Project exercise: create a perfect circle
1 min
Final words

About the instructor

Isabel Aracama

Hello! I've been a designer & illustrator for the last +20 years. I'm a BFA (UPV, Spain) and Science Illustration specialist (UA, Portugal). I have a knack …

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