Why are you alive?

——   Created by Karim Benammar

Use key concepts and practices from Existential Philosophy to turn your life into a work of art

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Why are you alive? How should you live? How can you turn your life into a work of art? How can you live an authentic life - that is, live the life that you were meant to live?

If you have ever posed yourself these kinds of questions, you're in good company. Philosophers known as "Existentialists" have posed these questions about our own lives and developed some very useful theories and practices around them.

In this course you will learn to examine your life and the choices you make from the standpoint of freedom, meaning, and community. You will learn what kind of projects give meaning to your life. 

 The course consists of: 

  • 11 thematic videos on giving shape to your life (2-5 minutes),
  • 7 narrated powerpoint videos on the life and work of existentialist philosophers (3-10 mins)
  • a series of exercises for you to try out in your daily life

18 Lessons

3 mins
How to live
5 mins
Fear and laziness
5 mins
The eternal return
7 mins
Friedrich Nietzsche Life and Work
6 mins
6 mins
Georges Bataille Life & Work
7 mins
Meaning and the Absurd
11 mins
Albert Camus Life&Work
7 mins
Radical freedom
8 mins
Jean Paul Sartre Life & Work
5 mins
Practices of freedom
5 mins
7 mins
6 mins
Life as a work of art
4 mins
Michel Foucault Life & Work
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About the instructor

Karim Benammar

    Karim Benammar is a philosopher specialized in Thinking Techniques and the Philosophy of Abundance. His vision is to help people think about the paradigm shift …

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