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Why They Buy Module #1: Perception

——   Created by Michael Solomon

How Your Customers Make Sense of Your Brand

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Whether we experience the taste of Oreos, the sight of a Chloé perfume ad, or the sound of the band Imagine Dragons, we live in a world overflowing with sensations. Wherever we turn, a symphony of colors, sounds, and odors bombards us. Some of the “notes” in this symphony occur naturally, such as the loud barking of a dog, the shades of the evening sky, or the heady smell of a rose bush. Others come from people: The person who plops down next to you in class might wear swirling tattoos, bright pink pants, and enough nasty perfume to make your eyes water.

Marketers certainly contribute to this commotion. Consumers are never far from pop-up ads, product packages, radio and television commercials, and billboards—all clamoring for our attention.

Each of us copes with this sensory bombardment by paying attention to some stimuli and tuning out others. And, the messages to which we do pay attention often wind up affecting us differently from what the sponsors intended; we each put our personal “spin” on things as we assign meanings consistent with our own unique experiences, biases, and desires. This module focuses on the process of how we absorb sensations and then use these to interpret the surrounding world.

The course project

Assume that you are a consultant for a marketer who wants to design a package for a new premium chocolate bar called Svelte that’s targeted to an affluent market. What recommendations would you provide in terms of such package elements as color, symbolism, and graphic design?

Draft a design that would do the trick.

Give the reasons for your suggestions.

5 Lessons

7 mins
Lesson 1.1 How consumers experience sensations
14 mins
Lesson 1.2 What makes us pay attention?
8 mins
Lesson 1.3 How do we make sense of what we perceive?
5 mins
Lesson 1.4 Perception - fact or fiction?
3 mins
Lesson 1.5 Module review

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Michael Solomon

Hello, I'm Michael. Here's some background about me and what I do:

Michael “wrote the book” on understanding consumers. Literally. Hundreds of thousands of business students …

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