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Why They Buy Module #7: How We Decide What To Buy

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How many products did you decide to buy within the past day or two? In each case, essentially you were solving a problem. That’s because every consumer decision we make is a response to a problem. Of course, the type and scope of these problems vary enormously; our needs range from simple physiological priorities such as quenching our thirst, to whether we will spend our hard-earned money on television to abstract intellectual or aesthetic quandaries such as choosing an accounting firm—or perhaps what to wear to that Lady Gaga concert on Saturday night. It’s crucial to understand what decision processes your clients use. If you sell products or services that require a lot of thought, be sure to track how your buyers make their way through the decision-making sequence. But, if your products are things people buy habitually, focus more on the subtle cues in the buying situation to steer them your way

10 Lessons

11 mins
Lesson 7.1: How we decide what to buy - An introduction
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14 mins
Lesson 7.2: Consumer Decision Making
free preview
13 mins
Lesson 7.3: Steps in Decision Making
4 mins
Lesson 7.4: Self-regulation and the wearables revolution
13 mins
Lesson 7.5: How consumers make rational decisions
8 mins
Lesson 7.6: Habitual decision making
4 mins
Lesson 7.7: How you can influence decisions
9 mins
Lesson 7.8: How your customers (probably) choose your brand over competitors' brands
10 mins
Lesson 7.9: Priming and nudging to influence decisions
10 mins
Lesson 7.10: Module review

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Michael Solomon

Hello, I'm Michael. Here's some background about me and what I do:

Michael “wrote the book” on understanding consumers. Literally. Hundreds of thousands of business students …

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