Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao (Siu Nim Tau) First Form Basics

——   Created by Dragon Sifu

Dragon Sifu this basic foundation and you are on your way to learning Wing Chun Martial Arts for Self Defense

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2h 43m
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More about this course

In Siu Nim Tao section 1 you will learn traditional Ip Man lineage Wing Chun basis stance (Yi Ji Kam Yeung Ma), Double Tan Gaang Sau, Straight punch (Yi Ji Chung Kuen) and Yat Tan Saam Fuk Sau techniques. Section 1 key point is Slow and Reduce Thinking. In section 2 you will learn how to practice Speed and Inch power. Section 2 key point is Inch Power.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu for Self Defense
  • Anyone who wants to learn useful martial arts for protection without dangerous training
  • Anyone who wants to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu for Health reasons to keep fit
  • Anyone who wants to learn alternative martial arts for fitness or self defense
  • Anyone who cannot find a Wing Chun Sifu to study in the country and region where you live
  • Anyone who wants to learn Wing Chun Anytime and Anywhere.
  • Anyone who wants to learn from real Ip Man lineage disciple

32 Lessons

Introduction Dragon Sifu Wing Chun
Section 1 Wing Chun Basic Stance
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Learn How To Use Yi Ji Kim Yeung Ma
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Lecture 3 Yi Ji Kim Yeung Ma 二字鉗羊馬
Yip Man eldest son Yip Chun Sifu teach Yip Man favorite technique and Biu jee
Why Foreigners very like Wing Chun Chi Sao (sticky hand)?
Wing Chun Grandmaster Ip Chun Breakdown he father Ip Man favourite technique
Siu Nim Tau 小念頭 Lesson 2
Chak Jung Sin 測中線
Wing Chun Tan Gaang Sau
Break down Double Gaang Sau
Siu Nim Tau 小念頭 Lesson 3
Yi Ji Chung Kuen 日字衝拳
Wing Chun Punch
Break down how to practice straight punch (Yi Ji Chung Kuen)
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About the instructor

In this online course system by Dragon Sifu the purpose is to let you have a deeper understanding of the teaching of the traditional Hong Kong Wing Chun Yip Man eldest son Yip Chun. Dragon Sifu grew up in Hong Kong he is one of the disciples of Grandmaster Yip …

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