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Wordpress for Web Development

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Develop Serious Web Sites with Wordpress

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18h 36m
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Perhaps you want to start creating professional web sites. Maybe you want to start a small freelance business or take control of your own business web site. Maybe your a designer dipping a toe in to the digital world. Or, perhaps, you just want to learn to develop complete sites in Wordpress the right way.

Whatever your reason if you want to learn the in's and out's of Wordpress, this course is for you.  

This isn't a course that teaches you how to type content in to existing Wordpress themes! This program is designed to give you full command of the Wordpress environment so you can make dynamic web sites that look anyway you want and are easy to update and maintain. You're diving DEEP into Wordpress discussing theme development, mobile ready sites, templates and much, much more.

You'll work with Wordpress expert Mark Hannon as you develop your Wordpress skill set. This course launches quickly as you jump right into developing your own, unique, Wordpress theme. (No more boring, poorly executed templates!)  

This isn't a course where you'll simply watch Mark go through the procedures. You'll be invited to work along with Mark step-by-step to make sure you remember and can apply every concept demonstrated. Speaking of hands on learning, the course is loaded with lab exercises and examples to help you immediately apply the skills that you're learning.

84 Lessons

Introduction to Wordpress Design and Development
2 mins
Welcome to the Course
2 mins
About the Instructor
4 mins
Quick Intro Activity
21 mins
Developing on a Local Server
2 mins
A Review of WordPress File Structure
38 mins
Designing a Simple Theme
13 mins
Making the Header and Footer Dynamic
5 mins
Working in wp-content Fields
2 mins
You’ve Created a Simple Theme
Extending Your Theme
2 mins
Customizing Your Theme
39 mins
The Wordpress Loop
11 mins
The Wordpress Loop cont.
67 mins
Understanding the Wordpress page templates
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About the instructor

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