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YOLOv4 Trainers Course / YOLOv4 PyQT Course / YOLOv4 Starters Course

——   Created by Ritesh Kanjee

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1h 19m
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More about this course

When YOLOv4 was released in April 2020, my team and I worked effortlessly to create a course in which will help you implement YOLOv4 with ease. We created this Nano course in which you will learn the basics and get started with YOLOv4. This is all about getting object detection working with YOLOv4 in your windows 10 PC. 

You will learn how to install all the dependencies, including Python, CUDA and OpenCV. Once you’ve managed to compile it successfully, we go on to execute YOLOv4 on images and videos. Then to ensure that you understand whats going on, we delve deeper into the darknet python script and show you how to also run YOLOv4 on a webcam.

Within this nano-course, we shall also create our first weapon against COVID-19 which is our social distancing monitoring app. Which essentially monitors the physical distance between people to ensure that they’re keeping safe distancing from each other. It also displays the number of people at risk at any given time

The YOLOv4 Course provides you with a gentle introduction to the world of computer vision with YOLOv4, first by learning how to install darknet, building libraries for YOLOv4 all the way to implementing YOLOv4 on images and videos in real-time.

From here you will even solve current and relevant real-world problems by building your own social-distancing monitoring app.


Please ensure that you have the following:

  • Basic understanding of Computer Vision
  • Python Programming Skills
  • Mid to high range PC/ Laptop
  • Windows 10
  • CUDA-enabled GPU - Important*

This course is for developers, researchers, and students who have at least some programming experience and want to become proficient in AI for computer vision & visual recognition.

28 Lessons

2 mins
Introduction to Data Annotation
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2 mins
YOLOv4 format for Image Labelling
free preview
4 mins
YOLOv4 Labelling Tools
free preview
3 mins
Web-scaping Data
3 mins
Annotating Images with Labellmg
1 min
Activity 1: Label Objects On This Image
4 mins
Labelling on Video using LabelImg
5 mins
Lecture 7 Labelling on Video using Darklabel
1 min
Activity 2: Label Objects on this Video
2 mins
Annotation Summary
1 min
Data Annotation Key Take-away
2 mins
Introduction How to Create Custom Dataset
4 mins
Toolkit for Downloading Image Datasets
6 mins
Downloading Images from Specific Classes
1 min
Download Images for your Classes
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About the instructor

Ritesh Kanjee

I've graduated from University of Johannesburg as an Electronic Engineer with a Masters in Image Processing and 8 years ago I started my online school …

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