Adam Chraibi

Adam Chraibi

Designer and Animator


Hello, I'm Adam Chraibi professional graphic designer and video editor based in Casablanca, Morocco with more than 5 years experience in freelance work.

I went to art school when I was a 15 years old where I studied the basics of drawing, shadows and light (Mangas style) and after that I went to law school where I got my bachelors degree in private Law.

But my love and passion for art and animation was bigger than the love for law, I wasn't feeling conformable studying it but it was too late I couldn't just drop off I told myself at least get the degree and then do something else.

So I switched my career into doing what I love and passionate about which is all the digital art stuff. That when I worked 2 years as social media manager and designer for an airline company, before going freelance.

In my courses I aim to NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH UNNECESSARY STUFF. I keep it short and compact, I know people want to learn something real quick they probably have other jobs and try to learn something as side hustle, I've been there before I know it's hard so I keep it short and straight to the point anything I judge not necessary or easy to find on google I don't do it.

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