Adam  Shaw

Adam Shaw

The Heart Guy


In 1992 I commenced nurse training, and spent 13 years working as a nurse on 3 different continents. Having studied numerous wellbeing courses, workshops and techniques, including Reiki, NLP, hypnosis and channelling, I left nursing in 2007 and now work independently as a business consultant. 

During this time I also received investment and Co-Founded a funding introduction company. My role was to build relationships with investors and run funding events. It was during my time here that I became aware of how important a pitch is when looking for funding. My business consultancy usually starts here.

With my medical background, working in Cardiac Care Units and the Emergency Room, I developed a deeper understanding about the psychology of disease and wellbeing. From this came the title, 'The Heart Guy'.

I now spend my time working with teams and training people how to improve their personal energy, mental health and pitching skills. Being no angel myself, this is a course in acceptance and balancing your life in a more harmonious way.

Judgement and guilt are the stumbling blocks of wellbeing: My courses explain how they manifest, what you can do about it and how to feel better about your life.

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