Alexandra Gábor

Alexandra Gábor

Professional Art Teacher and Artist


Alexandra Gábor, THE ARTMOTHER, is a professional Art Teacher, Artist and Graphic Designer. "I believe in creative and practical teaching and I am hoping for a school system which is enjoyable". She has a Masters degree in Art Education and she is teaching since 2010. She also studied Art Therapy in Budapest. She is working on a methodological material and sharing her knowledge on international conferences about Collaborative Art Projects and Project Based Learning. 

"Currently I work for a EU funded educational program, where I train teachers to teach creatively:) I am passionate about teaching Art. Art should be the part of everyone's life, so this is why I started to train teachers to use art in their teaching practice in any subject. I plan to do the same with parents.....doing art is just very important".

She has tons of experience in different fields of Art. 

"I worked as a designer for an Italian fashion company and I have my own brand of toys and clothes, Lilipop"

Her mission is to make art education available for everyone.

"I hope, I can spread my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in online courses and fulfill my dream of giving enjoyable, practical and quality education."

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