Alina  Kislenko

Alina Kislenko

Reg Psychotherapist with ADD


Hi! I'm a registered psychotherapist who has ADHD/is Autistic and specializes in them (so it's basically my whole life)! I'm also an Assistant Clinical Professor (Adj.) at a Medical School. I've been running The ADHD & Spectrum Centre in Guelph & Ottawa (Ontario) for almost a decade and, since my own late diagnosis, I have been a vocal advocate, author, and speaker for ADHD and neurodiversity rights. During all this time, I've also been a guinea pig for all sorts of Neurodivergent strategies and, in my courses, I seek to share the best of the best that has helped me and the thousands of patients that I've worked with. I'm also married to another therapist who ALSO has ADHD/is Autistic, Matt, so together we've been making courses, training, and supervising ADHD/Autism practitioners for years while living in our very wacky home with our toy poodle Dr. Barkley PhDog (he's a therapy dog at our centre!). I also run The Women Trailblazing Fellowship (, a not for profit helping women in poverty to build entrepreneur skills in Indonesia.

In case awards make you trust a person, I've also received many accolades, including the Mayor's Award, The Woman Of Distinction Award, and my video courses have won "Best Seller' and "Top Rated" in multiple categories on various platforms. 

I don't see patients directly anymore (spend all my time traveling for international advocacy, writing, and training other ADHD practitioners) but our centre can see patients from all over the world on phone/video so get in touch if you'd like one on one support beyond my courses! A unique bit about our centre is that all of our practitioners have ADHD or are Autistic themselves, so... we get it. Our website is 

I wish you the best on your journey!

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