Amanda Rinaldi

Amanda Rinaldi

Teaching you to Art with Confidence


Hi, I'm the Buzzed Artist, but you can call me Amanda!

I am a self-taught pencil and acrylic artist, dedicated to teaching people to art with confidence for over 3 years on my Youtube channel and blog, The Buzzed

On those platforms, I do step-by-step art tutorials, courses, crazy, zany painting and drawing challenges to CHALLENGE YOU to let go of your creative anxieties and just make art!


Painting, drawing, and creating art was always a beautiful escape for me. It was my place to just be without fear of judgement or the need to always be perfect.

Firstly, I believe in providing you fun, practical, and educational art content aimed at helping you flex your creative muscle while loving yourself in the process.

But, I created a system to demonstrate painting with acrylics and drawing that is bite-sized, easy to understand, and best of all - approachable!

You can learn more on getting started with your art on my website.

I discovered that building my art skills and being an artist was actually possible, and I know you can do it too!

In under a year, my channel would grow into an interactive, engaging platform where artists and creatives could come together and let go of their fears and anxieties towards expressing their creativity, and instead, have fun with their art.

I was (and am) by NO MEANS an expert.

But, I was helping others and absolutely loving their transformation stories.

and nothing butters my egg roll more than an awesome transformation journey! Just sayin'


Are you ready to express yourself and unleash your creative side to make art you will absolutely love and be proud of?

If there is one thing I have learned from my entire roller-coaster experience on discovering my potential, there is no better time to start than NOW.

like seriously.

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not when you have “time”. Now!

and by reading this far, I know you are committed, ready to do the work to go the distance with your creative abilities. You simply need to start.

I believe in you because I have the courage to believe in myself and my art abilities! So let's get to it!

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