Brian  Pagán

Brian Pagán

Human Experience Designer & Coach


Hi, I’m Brian! I use art & (digital) design to make our world more equitable & loving.

Over the last 19 years, I've helped companies like Philips, ING, Land Life Company, and WaitWhat turn innovation strategy into award-winning products & services. And my book, The Creative Empathy Field Guide, is a practical toolkit for incorporating empathy into any creative process.

I've given keynotes, talks, classes, and workshops in 11 countries. In them, I employ stories and examples from my work in healthcare, sustainability, fintech, and the internet of things. I hold a Professional Doctorate in UX design and a Master’s in Industrial Psychology. Plus, I know six ways to brew coffee.

Other hats I wear include keynote speaker, podcasterwriter, and actor. I believe our true superpowers come from where science and art meet, so my work explores that intersection. 🧠+💚

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