Chris Carter

Chris Carter

I love exploring the world with pen and brush whether it be by land, sea or air!


In tiny bites, I present tips and techniques I've learned over a lifetime of sketching, drawing and painting. My classes are designed with two purposes in mind: to present tips and techniques that help you learn new skills and master current skills; and as quick reference for those of you who have attended one of my live workshops.

I create large, abstract watercolors and oil paintings in my studio. When traveling, which I do for more than half the year, I work realistically, mostly in sketchbooks. I sketch from reality daily to keep my eye, hand and brain coordination well-honed.

You can follow me on Instagram. Additional free videos of demos and painting adventures are available on my YouTube Channel. Please stay in touch by following me here and on my other sites. Many examples of my drawings, watercolor paintings and oil paintings may be viewed on my Flickr page.

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