Chris  Frewin

Chris Frewin

Full Stack Software Engineer


Hi everyone!

I've been a professional full stack software engineer for 7+ years, and I've been programming for many more. In 2014, I earned two separate degrees from Clarkson University: Mechanical Engineering and Physics. I continued at Cornell for my M.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering. My thesis at Cornell was a technical software project where I first learned Bash and used a unique stack of Perl and Fortran, producing a publication in the scientific journal Combustion and Flame: "A novel atom tracking algorithm for the analysis of complex chemical kinetic networks".

After opening up my first terminal while at Cornell, I fell in love with software engineering and have since learned a variety of frameworks, databases, languages, and design patterns, including TypeScript, .NET, JavaScript, Python, React, Redux, ABAP, SAPUI5 UI5, C#, PHP7, Postgresql, and Magento. I love building full stack apps as side projects!

I'm happy to give back and teach what I've learned over the years, because I think software development is especially difficult these days, with all the new tools and frameworks that seem to come out daily.

I don't want anyone to be intimated by this and I too struggle and reach out from time to time for help and mentoring. I try to make my courses as clear as possible so you don't get lost or confused.

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