Deby Coles

Deby Coles

Artist and teacher


Hello, I'm Deby. I'm an artist, crafter and teacher living in the sunny Cayman Islands. It's my passion to spread happiness and fulfilment through teaching others to do things they thought they couldn't do. Whether it is teaching scuba diving, sewing, acrylic pouring, resin art or any other subject, I like to break things down into easy to understand small chunks of information. I take a simple step-by-step approach to break down a complex task into easy to complete smaller steps and before you know it, you've completed the whole project and it was so much easier than you thought!

I'll always tell you the why behind the how, so that you don't just follow, you really learn why you are doing it that way. It gives you the freedom to make your own choices, do things your way, experiment and grow. I look forward to guiding you to success.

Where can you find me online:

Sewing for beginners:

My sewing site with lots of patterns, tips and tricks at

My sewing YouTube channel - Sew Simple Bags

Our Facebook sewing chat group

Resin Art:

I have a website for my resin geode art at

My YouTube channel - Mixed-Media Crafts

 Our resin geodes chat group on Facebook

Teaching courses

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