Dragon Sifu

Dragon Sifu

I am one of Yip Man eldest son Yip Chun Sifu disciple


In this online course system by Dragon Sifu the purpose is to let you have a deeper understanding of the teaching of the traditional Hong Kong Wing Chun Yip Man eldest son Yip Chun. Dragon Sifu grew up in Hong Kong he is one of the disciples of Grandmaster Yip Man’s eldest son, Yip Chun. 2013-2019 he still learn Wing Chun from Yip Chun Sifu in Hong Kong VTAA. Until Yip Chun Sifu retires at 2019 about November. The last time i saw him, he told me that his legs were degraded. He is forever my respected Sifu.

Dragon Sifu organized all his teachings over the past 7 years, whether it is videos or notes, into this traditional teaching system. As you will see in the video, the one he taught me the most is Chi Sao and Biu Jee.

If you have seen the traditional Wing Chun in the Ip Man movie, if Sifu thinks that the disciples can leave Sifu after studying, he will teach him Biu Jee let him open school.

Dragon Sifu taught Wing Chun in Beijing. Now teaching Wing Chun and fitness in Hong Kong.

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