Kimma Smith

Kimma Smith

Artist , Designer & Illustrator


Hi, I'm Kimma Smith ~ I’m a self-taught artist and am head-over-heels in love with watercolor and mixed media. I'm inspired by nature, color, and watercolor itself. Watercolor does enchanting things all on it’s on. Truly magical things happen by simply dropping watercolor into other wet colors or just dropping color into a clear wet spot on watercolor paper, and letting the watercolor do its thing. Adding splashes of water and sprinkles of salt do spellbinding things, causing blooms of magic to appear before your eyes. As I’m sure you can tell, watercolor has captured my heart and soul. It never fails to engage my mind and delight my inner child.

Student testimonials from my classes:

"Thank you for this wonderful watercolor class. The examples are very helpful and can be a great inspiration for anyone who wants to step up their watercolor game!" ~ W.S. 

"Wow! What an explosion of inspiration and color. I absolutely loved this class, Kimma! I love your simple instructions - very well explained - and loved the end result." ~ G.B. 

"This is just wonderful, thank you Kimma! It's exactly what I didn't know that I needed :)" ~ R.J.

“Thank you for this colour theory. I now understand much better about colour mixing. I have enjoyed your instruction. I have learnt something each day but found this lesson to be particularly helpful. Thank you.” ~ J.P.

“That's a very practical and usable way of making color swatches. I learnt to take more time and make them a lot bigger than I did, this is very helpful, thank you. Your way of explaining makes it so easy to understand this difficult part of the painting process. THANK YOU! ” ~ R.M.

“This is so helpful! Very fun! Thank you!” ~ C.K.

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