Lark  Aakarshan

Lark Aakarshan

Artist | Design Entrepreneur | Author


Design Entrepreneur | Artist | UI UX | Hypnotist | Associate Professor | Mentor | Magician | Author

Lark Aakarshan is an accomplished entrepreneur and creative director.

In 2013, Lark co-founded The Prototypes, an award-winning strategy and design practice that helps leaders and their organizations explore, learn, and grow.

His clients include a variety of Fortune 500 companies (BBC, ITC, Orient, Cremica, DLF), the United Nations, the BCPBF, and some of the world's most progressive start-ups (Lionfresh, Oakter, Greedy Games).

Lark has served as a board member and advisor to a variety of organizations including The Prototypes, Label KISS, Colinkd, Notesgen, Pepperscript, and the Typewrighter.

A dynamic writer and lecturer, Lark is frequently engaged as an advisor to entrepreneurs and leaders of some of the largest corporations across the globe.

He is also a visiting lecturer at Pearl Academy of Design where he teaches Product Interface Design and his Applied Empathy curriculum.

In his personal time, Lark is an active practitioner of design conjuring, working through his private practice, Fragmant, and leading workshops on how to bring these powerful traditions into a modern life and workplace.

The Signerika, his first book, will be published in March of 2021.

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