Lisa Hetrick

Lisa Hetrick

Watercolor Artist + Surface Designer


Hi, my name is Lisa Hetrick, the owner of Indigojade Art. I'm so grateful you've stopped by. I paint. I teach. I make things with my hands. I use my creative spirit to bring more JOY and positivity into life. I'm a watercolor artist, surface pattern designer and papercrafter focused on creating “Art that Makes you Feel Good.” I believe we all need a bit of light, love, and encouragement in our daily lives. My art brings word and image together in an inspiring, JOYful way. 

CRAFT YOUR JOY: It is my intention to help you create more JOY in your life through painting! I love this community of makers, teachers, and artists who so openly share their gifts here on Arbington. I am grateful to be here. May you find pause from the hustle, pure JOY and inspiration here. Let's have some fun!

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