Matheus Macedo

Matheus Macedo

Realistic Drawing Artist


Hello, everyone! My name is Matheus and I am focused on realistic drawing using graphite, charcoal and colored pencil. I have been doing realistic drawings for years, always pushing myself towards improving my skills in order to become better and better. Through the years I had the opportunity to study with many great art teachers around the world, and each one gave me a different perspective on art. Some of them are able to tackle an entire project in a few hours, whereas others would spend days to go through a drawing from beginning to end, all of that depending on how detailed they wanted their pieces to be, or what materials they use and so on. After all I was able to develop my own approach for black and white and colored drawings. 

My goal, then, is to share all the knowledge and experience I have so as to help you develop your technique and find out all secrets realistic drawing artists use for creating their masterpieces. Join me in this journey!

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