Mohini  Sinha

Mohini Sinha


I'm an IT Engineer by qualification and Artist at heart. After a few years of corporate life, I've moved on to my true life calling which is art, specifically to paint. Painting was my first love, ever since my childhood I used to paint with my grandfather which fascinated and gave me joy.

I resumed painting in mid-2019. Initially, I started learning by watching other artists on social media platforms and started painting in my drawing book. In no time graduated to a larger canvas. My primary genres are acrylic painting and watercolor floral painting. Under acrylic, I love painting landscapes. I look forward to learning each day for the rest of my life and share my experiences by coaching others and help them learn different techniques and styles of acrylic and other art forms. I believe that it is never too late to start something which you always wanted to do.


.Certified in Acrylic Painting 101 (Universal Class-CEU Certification).

• Acryliclandscape painting

• Landscape painting

• WatercolorFloral painting

• Mural art

• Crafts from reusable item

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