Music Protest

Music Protest

Music Coach & Online Instructor


Hey Guys, I’m Will.

I’m a professional musician and producer who strives for authenticity by capturing true musical moments. Whether in the studio, at my instruments or live-streaming the newest production software technologies, I’m always aiming to connect with the authentic emotion and human connection that music makes possible.

Compose. Produce. Perform. Repeat.

I’ve lived around over the world, but I call San Diego, CA my home now. I hope you find inspiration in my lessons and I’d love to hear from you - so reach out! I currently maintain a full calendar of private one-on-one students in addition to hundreds of online students in electronic music, guitar and bass. I offer clear, accessible lessons for beginners and experts alike. 

I also specialize in bridging the gap between music and technology, focusing on using modern tools to demonstrate all aspects of music. I compose and perform with Ableton and Push 2 and Maschine. I have engineering and mixing experience with Cubase, ProTools and Logic. I'm extremely comfortable using web-based tools and mobile devices in education, performance and composition. I have created custom MIDI and OSC interfaces for live performance. 

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