Nate Morris

Nate Morris

LSAT Instructor


Nate Morris has been tutoring countless LSAT students (in the hundreds) in NYC and all over the world, since 2013. After scoring perfect on multiple practice tests, he realized he liked the LSAT too much to become a lawyer. Since then, he has helped innumerable people score higher than they could have imagined possible and get into the law schools of their dreams. More than anything else, Nate loves taking students who feel hopeless and "stuck" on the LSAT and helping them see score increases of 10, 20, or even 30 points. He developed his very simple "MasterLSAT" method over years of trial with his students, and is confident that with the right regimen, anyone can be on the path to a perfect score. Nate believes that everyone should have access to affordable tutoring and has therefore made his course prices and tutoring rates extremely competitive. In his spare time, Nate is also active in the music industry as a performer and scorer, and actually modeled his "MasterLSAT" method after the way the best musicians in the world practice.

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