Paul Bancoub

Paul Bancoub

Leadership & Productivity Expert, YouTuber & Blogger


Hello, I'm Paul - a technologist, people manager, blogger, YouTuber, public speaker & productivity enthusiast!

I have over 20 years experience as a people manager and leader at some of the world's biggest companies. I've led teams large and small. spoken at international conferences and delivered for high-pressure clients.

I'm dedicated to productivityleadership & helping you GET MORE DONE, FASTER & with LESS STRESS. If you want to be more productive, a better leader, manager, coach & mentor then you're in the right place.

I'm dedicated to making work a great place to be by removing blockers, empowering people and creating a safe place for people to express themselves and innovate.

We focus on these areas;

Leadership, Coaching & Management

Using workplace psychology and emotional intelligence to get more done and be a better role model in your organisation. Become a better leader, advance your career and help develop your teams into empowered role models that deliver consistently.

Managing Workload

Tips, tricks and systems to use to get the most done in your workplace. Get more done, faster. Empower others to be more productive and deliver for your clients and customers.

Mindfulness & Health

Tips and advice to help you keep a healthy mind and body. Keep your stress levels down. Keep fit and healthy and use that energy to be more productive in the workplace.

I enjoy building communities so COMMENT LOTS. I love answering your questions.

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