Prakash Prasad

Prakash Prasad

Writer, Trainer, Investigator, Coach and Emerging Tech Researcher.


"Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you will feed him for lifetime".

I have a passion for teaching. Over the past couple of decades, I have trained thousands ofparticipants from various fields... ranging from fortune 500 companies to various government agencies.

My mission is to make my teaching easy, affordable and accessible. My courses are designed to various sets of participants. Every course, you will gain the real life skills to make you better... most of this is never taught in any school.

I am accessible and approachable to all my participants. In case you have difficulty in understanding any particular concept, just drop me a message. I will take out sometime for you. I want you to be empowered by my training.

In my free time I write books, write white papers, contribute to CERT, Threat Intel, Uncover Frauds, Coach, listen to music, and help people in need on Quora.


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