Ritesh Kanjee

Ritesh Kanjee

M(Eng) AI Instructor 93k+ Subs on YouTube & 60k+ students


I've graduated from University of Johannesburg as an Electronic Engineer with a Masters in Image Processing and 8 years ago I started my online school called Augmented Startups where I have over 93,000 subscribers on YouTube. I’ve worked with popular tools such as TensorFlow Keras, Open CV, and PyTorch and I’ve also produced High ranking tutorials that feature on Google and YouTube. My Machine Learning Series is also one of the most viewed videos, over 300 thousand views and you’ll find them ranked right at the top on YouTube search results. From my tutorials, I have received a lot of great feedback and testimonials from students all around the world, I will share those reviews towards the end of the video. I have also presented at international conferences and meetups in AI.

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