Steven Liguori

Steven Liguori

Innovative Instructor and Automotive Electrical Expert


I am a fully Certified Master Automotive Technician by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and Scored 100% on the Electrical/Electronic Systems Certification Test. 

I have been a coach and teacher for most of my life, training students both young and old.  In my 26 years of experience as an Expert Diagnostic and Repair Technician for Automotive Dealerships, I was the go to guy for vehicles with problems that no one else could fix, as well as a Shop Foreman and Instructor of fellow technicians. More recently, I have educated students for almost 10 years as an Instructor of Automotive, Electrical, and Electronics systems at a Technical School in NY. While there I received a Recognition Award as Top Instructor for being able to get through to students that others thought could not succeed.

To me Teaching should be about:

Getting the Students Involved in the Learning Experience.

Lecturing with a Purpose, not just to show how much you know.

Teaching in a way that lets students realize “I can do this”, not how hard it is.

I am Passionate about what I do – I am here to teach and take Great Pride in every Light Bulb I Can Turn on.

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