Tom  Carpenter

Tom Carpenter

Chief Technology Officer - CWNP


I am a 25+ year veteran of the IT industry. Like many, I started in entry-level systems support and quickly moved into the role of a systems analyst and network engineer. I founded SysEdCo in 1997 and have continued operating this technical content development and training company since that time. Having written more than 20 books for the IT industry, I bring a wealth of experience to any topic and hold many certifications from both vendors and vendor-neutral certification organizations.

I am also the head of certification development for the CWNP program and am heavily involved in objectives development and exam creation within the certification industry. I currently live in Ohio with my lovely wife Julie and enjoys anything related to technology, learning and human potential.

I use AWS daily. It is used to run several business websites that I operate as well as test labs used for content creation and management. AWS is everything I did in the 90's, and more, in the cloud!


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