Umran  Nayani

Umran Nayani

Founder & CEO at ONECALL Business Solutions


I started my career in Sales working with Scottish & Southern Energy PLC as a District Sales Manager while Persuing My Masters in Business Administration from the University of Wales, UK.

Returning back to Mumbai I joined Zycus Inc as a Spend Analyst and had the opportunity to work with Several Fortune 500 Hundred Clients such as AMD, Intel Coca-cola, and some of the World's biggest charities such as the American Red Cross.

I launched my 1st Crowdsourcing Startup in 2013 and grew it to 8 figures revenue in under 36 months with no outside funding.

Currently, I'm working on Scaling my New Company ONECALL Business Solutions, focussed on creating Mobile and Web Applications for Eary Stage & Pre-Funded Startups. 

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